A computer graphics system for constructing pictures out of complete sets of dominoes

DominoPix was conceived and developed by Ken Knowlton, formerly a scientist at Bell Laboratories. Ken developed and patented (US Patent No. 4,398,890, REPRESENTATION OF DESIGNS) a method for making pictures out of complete sets of things.

Using complete sets of dominoes as a (restricted) set of paired grey scale pixels, large physical portraits or other pictures can be constructed. For the Puzzle Fans, instructions on how to place the dominoes to make the pictures can be presented with the orientation of the dominoes removed (after all, a domino can be placed either horizontally or vertically). This can give hours of fun or frustration (depending on your psyche) in assembling the picture.

The same four (or six) sets of dominoes can be used and reused to create different pictures. Plans for standard 4-set pictures are available. Custom portraits can be prepared for you.

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Last modified: 08 Mar 1996