A computer graphics system for the collection and management of images

FaceSaver® made its first public appearance as a project at the Phoenix Usenix Association Technical Conference and Exhibition in June, 1987. David Yost, who is an exceedingly clever fellow, put it together then with the systems aid of Lou Katz and the superb portrait photography of Craig Schwartz.

The FaceSaver system captured portraits of the attendees at this and subsequent Usenix conferences. At the conferences themselves we produced neat little sheets of labels with the attendee's portrait, name and address. After the conference, the face database was used to prepare an attendee list, which came complete with the portraits. A database of portraits and contact information is set up at ftp.uu.net:published/usenix/faces. The format of the black-and-white version of the FaceSaver images is described in several places, including the book Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats by Murray and vanRyper published by O'Reilly & Associates.

FaceSaver database applications have been extended to allow the information to be used in many applications, such as ID badges, Fax coversheets (FaxMittal(tm)), notepaper, real estate listings, custom organization charts, and even for use in a computer graphics technique for constructing portraits out of sets of dominoes: Domino-Pix(tm)

For further information on the FaceSaver system, contact facesaver@metron.com.

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